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Three Rivers Recovery Community is an all male sober living house located on the East Side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Our goal is to give residents a structured, rigorous, sober environment where addicts can free themselves of the pain and suffering drugs and alcohol bring.

Recovering from alcohol and drug addiction can be a very difficult process for anyone, especially young people.  Relapse tends to be a very common occurrence in recovery today, and with the rise of Heroin addiction, death is becoming a common theme for addicts trying to get sober.  Which is why at Three Rivers we take a 'new approach' to an old program of recovery.  The removal of a substance is only the very beginning on the road to recovery.  Our main objective is not only to free residents from active drug addiction, but to completely transform their lives so that using and drinking is not even an option any longer.  Our 'new approach' isn't really anything new, but is a means of recovery that has been watered down over the years and is almost completely ignored in most treatment centers (rehab) today.  Treatment centers serve their purpose, and are a good start to recovery, but in almost all cases something more is needed to stay sober.  Our focus is on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous/Heroin Anonymous, paired with a living community of like-minded, sober individuals all headed toward the same goal of permanent sobriety.  At Three Rivers Recovery we don't ignore any part of the program, and our lives are dedicated to living by spiritual principles, holding each other accountable, and to carry that message to those who still suffer.

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